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by Robert Atack


We need at least $30,000, to get 5 DVDs, a 20 page booklet, and a CD with PDF type displays and literature as teacher’s aides, into 800-1,000 secondary schools and public libraries.

The DVDs are:

  • The End of Suburbia
  • The Oil Factor
  • Peak Oil Imposed by Nature
  • The Power of Community
  • A lecture by Dr Peter Lloyd called Peak Oil meets Climate Change

I am including The Power of Community and 45 minutes of Dr Peter Lloyd’s 85 minute lecture with this request, please take the time to watch these DVDs and then consider what is the best thing you can do for our community?

Since the government has over $40 million to spend on Buy NZ made, Environmental issues (PCE), and Energy issues, we trust you will recognise the fantastic return on investment this offer represents. A mere $30,000 for the wide dissemination of a considerable volume of valuable information.

We look forward to hearing from you,
The Oilcrash Group


On the 7th July 2006 I posted this request to all 87 National and Labour members of parliament, in the vain hope that I could get some help in getting this very important information out to every secondary school and public library in New Zealand.

I received 10 replies, 8 with comments confirming receipt of the information, but with no offers of help, 1 anonymous and 1 packet opened but returned unwatched (this from Nathan Guy)

I have put in several requests to David Parker to help with this project, but again I’ve received nothing.

Obviously we don’t have any concerned members in our government, basically if they can’t see a potential vote catching project they are not interested.

Robert Atack


The many requests sent