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by Ronald R. Cooke


From Regulation to Leadership

Redefining The Role Of Government
In An Energy Detensive EcoSystem
by Ronald R. Cooke


Our intensive consumption of energy, arable land, fresh water, minerals, and all the products of a sophisticated industrial economy is not sustainable. That means we humans will transition to a detensive Cultural EcoSystem. Every nation. Every culture. We shall learn to do more, with less. For those of us who live in an industrialized nation, the associated lifestyle change will be traumatic.

We can either try to manage a “soft landing” or let nature take its course. Constructive transformation must include the reformation of government institutions, the adoption of a new lifestyle, and a restructuring of community life.

Detensive Nation, a new book by Ronald R. Cooke, explores what is driving this transition, the challenges of lifestyle change, and the how government institutions can play a positive, constructive, and proactive role in redefining our Cultural EcoSystem. It describes the kind of government we will need, questions if existing institutions can survive, and then asks a question:

who will lead us?

These are crucial election year issues. Detensive Nation lays out a practical strategic plan for community, state and national transformation. Success is possible if we have the collective will. Government must evolve from an institution that restricts human behaviour, to one that encourages a sustainable lifestyle. From reactive to proactive. From negative to constructive.

From regulation to leadership.

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Detensive Nation is available from Amazon.com:
http://amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/103-3772564-9016655?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=detensive+nation&x=0&y=0 >