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by Perry Arnett


February 2, 2004

Some say they are “not yet ready” to accept the notion that there are no “solutions” to the World Energy Depletion/Runaway Population problem. Fine.

I suspect those folks have never ended a love affair, been divorced, nor been in court or had much to do with the Law.

In life, there ARE some problems that have no solutions. Love affairs, divorce, and death are three.

When two people can no longer have a meaningful relationship and when that former relationship has reached a point where there is no possibility of it EVER being restored or repaired or brought back to a former status, that is a “problem”. And sometimes the only way out is to dissolve the relationship. That means that a point is reached at which one realizes the facts of life, accepts reality, and goes on about his business and lives life without that other person. Now, he could make all attempts to solve the problem (and most do that). But if the problem is truly insolvable, then one should accept it, get on with life, and get over it! (That’s called Growing Up!)

Similarly when two adversaries go to court, in the end, there may be a final decree neither party is happy with, but which both parties must accept (or else, appeal). So there is again, that point where acceptance of reality must pervade one’s behavior, otherwise one can live in misery forever!

Hoping for that to happen which will NEVER happen is a very lonely place. (I know — I’ve been there from time to time!)

There is no “appeal” from the depletion of cheap, readily available world energy sources. They are depleting as we speak, and what we commonly know as “Our Industrial Civilization” is in decline and dying as a result. So we can, if we like, call this a “problem”, and attempt to find, discover, create, ponder about, and ruminate over all the myriad “solutions” for the situation. But the prudent among us will someday — sooner, rather than later — realize that this is one of those problems for which there is no solution!

Result? Best is to get over it, go through all the intellectual and emotional fear, denial, trauma, disbelief, anger, frustration, heartache, grief, nail biting, etc. — then let it drop, and accept the fact that the human love affair with technology, complexity, high energy consumptive Industrial Civilization, and breeding far beyond Carrying Capacity is ending. Or, realize that since by 2030 or so, most in the U.S. will be living lifestyles similar to those lived in 1930 OR BEFORE, Our Industrial Civilization is OVER, for all intents and purposes.

That doesn't mean “life is over”. It just means that life-as-we-have-become-accustomed-to-living-it for most of us, is over.

There IS a certain peace that comes over one when one intellectually accepts the truth of a matter and then emotionally accepts the changes required by ones behavior when that truth occurs.

Like other things, there seems to be a “learning curve” with this subject; some “get it” quickly; others, like me, have to spend years chasing after every “solution rainbow” before the truth sinks in. I’ve only been involved in this subject for about 30 years off and on, and the past 10 years continuously. I may be a bit farther down the path than some, and am surely trudging along in the dust behind lots of others who’ve gone before me. But it is a journey of learning that hopefully, for most, will come sooner and easier, rather than harder and more painfully.

So — do I believe there are any “solutions”, now or in the future, for the problem of depleting, cheap, world, energy? No. I believe world energy depletion is a problem for which there is NO solution.

People can temporarily adjust, alter short range lifestyles, and accept “decline” as the mode of human life for the probable future of humankind — but hoping, searching, believing in vain, that some “solution” will pop out of the woodwork that will “save” Industrial Civilization from the demise it is currently experiencing isn’t going to happen.

The demise of “Our Industrial Civilization” is a problem for which there is no “solution”.

Perry in Utah