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by Ross James Mackinnon


The world we now live in is much different from the world 20 or 30 years ago, and not all of it has changed for the better. We now live in a world where everywhere we look we are bound to see some sort of polluting substance working away around us. Not even the countryside is safe from it anymore. The world is not finished changing, it never will, because we as humans are addicted to evolution. We want newer cars, we want better computers, cell phones, stereos and various other things. The human race is not ready to see this way of life change, but the fact is that weather they are ready or not they are going to have to change to survive. The oil will run out and it won’t wait for anyone.

What amazes me after one year of being involved in the peak oil movement is the lack of information being given out to the public, I wouldn’t mind if this was only a relatively new thing but it has been around since before the 1970’s that is more than thirty years ago. We have a very small amount of people working for the cause and a very large amount of people working to keep it under wraps i.e. Government, the only difference is that the truth will prevail so the people on the peak oil side of things keep working at it and the others grow weaker and weaker and after a while they no longer care, and the only reason these people do not care is because they think when oil does peak and we eventually run out of oil that they will either be dead or they will be safe in their multi-million dollar homes.

I bet you read this and think what is he talking about evolution can’t stop, well your right it can’t but the evolution we think of every day or the simple things we do to keep ourselves warm will become much more difficult, i.e. chopping wood with chainsaws, transporting the wood to your homes, paper to start a fire (or fire lighters) this is just one sequence of events to keep ourselves warm on a cold day which will not be easily achieved in the near future. Even using a hand held axe will become difficult because if it breaks there are not many people alive today can still carve a new handle for an axe! When you think about it we live off things made from oil everyday… how many of you think you could live without an endless supply of paper (as it would seem)? Not many of you would be able to grasp a world without oil — no cars anywhere, no lawnmowers going in the background, no chainsaws going in the background, not as much electricity and the one major thing no imports. We are going to have to start making our own clothes within our own countries and in some cases our own communities, we have probably all see the remains of what used to be a big clothes factory in it’s day. These will all have to be reopened and put back into business for our survival. I mean what is the point of importing underpants from China when we could make our own here, which would mean we would save money and we would be supporting our local community and industries.

We are nearing the end of an era, an era or a kingdom really built on oil and much like any kingdom it has to fall sometime. We have attached ourselves to oil and made ourselves so addicted to it that we would fall with it, but we cannot let that happen. There will be casualties when we go through the transition period of oil coming to complete extinction, but if we act now and think about the future and think about what could and couldn’t happen you could possibly save your own future. Although like on the Documentary Peak Oil: Imposed By Nature Colin Campbell said that there are no experts for the era we are now entering so there is no one to advise us on the best course of action, so we have to listen to our guts really work with the information you believe to be true. The information I believe to be true is to get out of the major cities as there could be major riots once it hits the fan, to get out of suburbs because they will be the first to be hit by peak oil, and to create some sort of living arrangement weather it be to make a vegetable patch in your back yard or to learn how to sew or knit, create a network of friends where you live to lean back on when this happens and make sure you have everything you need, i.e. someone to knit clothes, someone to grow vegetables, someone to do some repairs things like that.

Peak oil will happen weather we like it or not, and it has been left too long to have anything done about it, and when you think about it the only thing we could have possibly done when the Peak theory was created was to start research on alternative fuels and who’s to say there are any! We can only now prepare for what lies ahead.


Ross James Mackinnon


I have been writing some of my own articles with not only some good truthful information about the oil crisis, but also information from a teenagers point of view (the generation that will have to deal with all of this). — RJM, born August 1989