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by Derek J. Wilson


Where in the world are we going?

“Most of us would like to do something about the great and troubling issues described in this book - but most of us tell ourselves that we can’t.

What Derek Wilson calls the Five Holocausts - militarism, human oppression, economic destitution, the population explosion and environmental destruction - may seem too big, too complex, and perhaps, in the end, too frightening to grasp.

Yet grasp them we must, because the time is coming when muddling through won’t be enough.

Here is a guide to these vital issues, distilled by Derek Wilson from his long study of the sources and his many years of thinking and writing about the future of the planet.

For all their complexity, these five looming catastrophes have a common character. Each implies self-destructive behaviour on a global scale. It’s as if the whole of the world’s population had been seized by collective irrationality.

And here lies the answer to the coming crisis. If we, as the world’s population, formed a clear view of our own best interests and the interests of the planet, disaster could be, and would be, avoided. The conditions which currently make it inevitable would not be tolerated.

The world won’t have the will, or the means, to act in its own best interests until we as individuals decide that it must. The first step we can take is to increase our understanding and awareness of the threats we face. It is understanding and awareness of the world’s best interests which lie at the heart of this book.”

Rt Hon David Lange
New Zealand Prime Minister 1984-9


About the author

PortraitDerek Wilson, born in 1922, spent his formative years on a Wairarapa coastal sheep station where he developed a healthy respect for Earth and its resources. He began work as architect, then served in World War II as a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm. After the war he became a partner in an architectural practice in Wellington, retiring in 1987.

Co-ordinator of Architects Against Nuclear Arms since its foundation in 1984, Derek has also been a member of the Pacific Institute of Resource Management, the National Consultative Committee on Disarmament and Abolition 2000, a global network for the elimination of nuclear weapons. He has taken part in peace delegations to the USSR, France, Mexico, and Japan.

In recent years Derek Wilson has become particularly concerned with the highly dangerous materialistic pursuit of corporate wealth and profit above people, with gross consumerism, and with the increasing human degradation and suffering.

Five Holocausts addresses these concerns.

To order Five Holocausts please contact Derek Wilson:

  email   derek@derekjwilson.co.nz
  fax   +64 4 479 3753
  phone   +64 4 479 3753
  post   77 Burma Road, Khandallah, Wellington, New Zealand