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Manukau City Council Planning Committee (Councillors) advised of coming energy crunch May 2003 — unable to respond to environment park/education centre proposal. Further chasing by me resulted in one abortive meeting with the parks manager.

Manukau City again advised of energy crunch May 2004 in one hour seminar — again unwilling to respond and the “do nothing” option was once again adopted.

Seminar held for Waitakere City Council to explore “Hard Landing Versus Soft Landing”  Screening of The End of Suburbia and extensive discussion of options — no follow up by Waitakere C.C. on the basis that the time frame of 1 year to put in place the action plan that I proposed was too difficult.

TVNZ, TV3 and Radio NZ advised of seminar with city councils — not interested in reporting. 

Peter Winder, Auckland Transport Authority advised by telephone and letter July 2004. A polite response thanking me for bringing the matter to his attention, but since then no follow up.

Triangle Television advised March 2004 — not interested in follow up other than advertising at my expense.

bFM interview regarding peak oil and it’s effect on society May 2004 — discussion of, but no follow up.

More FM advised by telephone and letter that the advertising banner being dragged across the sky by helicopter was a public nuisance, was devouring excessive non-renewable fuel and was causing unnecessary global warming — no response to letter, but the policy has recommenced and there has been repeated dragging of the banner.

Opus Consulting advised of peak oil and prospect of unaffordable fuel costs by email in submissions against the proposed Eastern Motorway — response was to completely ignore the submission and press ahead with plans for a white elephant.

Howick and Pakuranga Times advised by letter that none of candidates in forthcoming local elections were in any way capable of dealing with the forthcoming energy crunch and environmental problems — their response was to refuse to publish the letter, which eventually lead to court action by me against the manager for their refusal to stop delivery — I won, but this did not alter their policy of publishing only “good for business” material. 

David Steemson, National Radio: two long interviews condensed into short airtime; both quite specifically highlighted peak oil before 2008. Also much documentation plus The End of Suburbia, Matt Savinar and Burn Baby Burn supplied. Awaiting follow up.

Dick Hubbard (mayoral candidate) advised by email (twice) — no response whatsoever to date.

AA George Fairburn and Brian Gibbons advised of serious concerns regarding failure to meet the AA’s own environmental policy — response was a fob off. Further with discussion with George Fairburn regarding the consequences of failing to deal with oil depletion and global warming — response was to pass the matter on to Peter King, who has refused to accept the evidence of oil geologists and prefers think tanks.

Complaints to the editors of Directions and Auto age over the past three years regarding misinformation presented as fact i.e. hydrogen economy, perpetual growth of tourism with no environmental impact etc. — response has been refusal to publish material supplied by me that countered the official line. A copy of Burn Baby Burn supplied — no response.

World Vision August 2004 regarding the futility of child sponsorship when we are about to experience massive worldwide population crash — response ignorant hope for a better world, blind faith.

Mobil Oil regarding an advertising campaign featuring a huge SUV as a competition prize — response was that there was no problem with oil supply and that there was no link between vehicle emissions and global warming!

Starship Hospital regarding the inappropriateness of offering a street racing car as a lottery prize when such a vehicle is designed to consume fuel as fast as possible and generate carbon dioxide as fast as possible and a small economical vehicle would be far more suitable in the light of oilcrash, global warming etc. — response, we never thought of that!

Ross Robertson (MP for Manuakau). In an interview to follow up my complaints regarding inaction by Manuakau City Council on all matters raised in previous submissions, inaction by the Government on transport issues and environmental issues etc. Ross Robertson declared that he had no knowledge of energy supply, global warming, the depletion of fisheries, or indeed any of the matters I raised and requested an action list to take up with the ministers responsible. This resulted in a fob-off letter from Pete Hodgson many weeks later declaring that New Zealand would be comfortable in oil until 2030 and that matters of inadequate gas supply would be addressed by additional drilling. Some phrasing was identical to that in a letter sent 18 months previously. The other issues were not addressed at all. This occurred over Dec 2003 to July 2004.

Chris de Freitas (School of Geography, University of Aucklland), in defence of his promotion of coal as a source of energy, countered my remark that the additional carbon dioxide generated by the use of coal would exacerbate the already out-of-control global warming by referring to carbon dioxide as a “harmless gas”. April 2004 Further to this matter, my formal complaint to the Office of the Vice Chancellor (Grant Mills) was fobbed off under the pretext that staff had academic freedom to teach anything they wished and that such issues as the impending energy crisis and global warming were simply the opinions of some people. May 2004. Would you trust your child’s education to the University of Auckland? I certainly would not.