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by Kathy Webb, 19.09.2006


Peter Lloyd - Get his DVD hereA Hastings doctor known throughout New Zealand as a passionate environmentalist has died.

Peter Lloyd, 45, an anaesthetist at the Hawke’s Bay Hospital since 1993, collapsed near Frimley School as he cycled to work yesterday morning.

Dr Lloyd, a sought-after speaker on environmental issues throughout New Zealand, worked hard to persuade people to adopt environmentally-friendly lives and prepare for a future with scarce supplies of oil. He was also acknowledged among his professional colleagues as a man with a brilliant mind and an innovative approach.

He stood out for a huge intellect and inquisitive mind, colleague John Trewick said today.

«He was always poring over books and he looked at medical issues in a different way. He was devoted to his family, and tried to be the best parent he could. He had incredibly powerful feelings about the future, and has also been a very caring and probing physician.

«He never took anything at face value. He questioned things we do, showing us things in a new light. Even in a humdrum thing like transfusion he looked at it in a completely different way. He was a brilliant mind. He loved medicine and he gave a lot to it,» Dr Trewick said.

To the general public, Dr Lloyd was known as a man who lived to his convictions about the need for the world to live more sustainably. He sold his beloved but fuel-heavy LandRover and bought a small, fuel-efficient car. He installed solar panels for hot water and electricity at his home, and set up a rain water-collection tank and vegetable garden.

With a massive collection of information and data on environmental, social, geological, political and historical issues, he was frequently asked to explain his thoughts on the future.

«I just hope that because he’s died, people don’t forget his message,» Dr Trewick said.

Dr Lloyd spoke a range of languages, including Maori, Welsh, Spanish, Portuguese and Esperanto.

He and his former wife, Merryn, have three children Gwilym, Elin and Carys.

Dr Lloyd was born in Wales in 1961, one of three boys and a girl. He came to New Zealand in 1974 when 13, and won a scholarship to Northcote College, Auckland, before studying medicine. He returned to Wales to work as a GP for two years before returning to New Zealand and training as an anaesthetist.

In 1993, he arrived in Hastings, where his parents, Robin and Pat, live.

A recent Hawke’s Bay Health Board staff newsletter included a small, light-hearted profile of Dr Lloyd.

His first job: «I grew up on a farm, so picking silage, hay and milking and mucking out are early memories. I was once a process maintenance worker at Chelsea sugar refinery in Auckland, which involved cleaning with a mop and bucket.»

What he would do if he won $1 million: «Build a 100 percent sustainable house on sufficient fertile land to feed me and my family.»

Favourite movie: Highlander.

The favourite aspect of his job: «Occasionally, everything about the anaesthetic management of a patient isn’t just good, it’s perfect. Another aspect I enjoy is identifying several potential hazards in a patient and avoiding them all with a well-planned anaesthetic.»

Asked his funniest memory at work, he replied «a patient waking up from a short anaesthetic grabbed me, put her arms around my neck and said “sometimes it’s wonderful to be a woman”.»