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We suggest that voters support candidates who are aware of the likely timing of oilcrash (2005-2007), candidates who are aware of the repercussions of oilcrash and candidates who are actively preparing for oilcrash.

We also suggest that if there are no such candidates, the voting papers be marked in the “informal” line with “Unable to vote. No worthwhile candidate” or similar.

The following candidates meet our criteria for elect-ability (knowledge of and active promotion of oilcrash):

Auckland City   none
Lower Hutt   Neil Newman, Ray Wallace
Manukau   none
Nelson   Anne FitzSimon, Don Murray
Palmerston North   ???
Tauranga   Noel Peterson
Wellington   Bryan Pepperell, Paul Bruce, Celia Wade-Brown


Anyone wishing to be added to this list please notify elections@oilcrash.com.