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by Kevin Moore


Book cover New Zealand Guide to
Surviving the Future

by Kevin Moore
160 Pages
$US 12.00


Probably the most significant book published in New Zealand this century. Surviving the Future provides the reader with background information as to why things are happening in the world and provides practical strategies for avoiding the worst effects of the collapse the is certain to come. Perhaps the only book that can guarantee a 1000% return on [purchase price] investment.

Billions of dollars wiped off the value of markets.
Pension funds unable to meet their commitments.
Widespread company failures and unemployment.
Military conflict for control of resources.
Water shortages. Fuel shortages. Food shortages.
Water rationing. Fuel rationing. Food rationing.
Malnutrition. Pandemic diseases.

Surely such things could never happen in Godzone!
But what if we have forsaken God and have a new religion?
What if we have taken to worshipping false images and idols?
Can we still be sure they could never happen?

The evidence is there for anyone who will look.
They can happen. They will happen.
They are on their way now!
Are you ready for what is already on the horizon?

More info at < www.instabookpublisher.com >