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by Olive Farmer – July 16, 2009


Oh Brave New World, That Has Such Creatures In It:
Now all we need to do is find them… or become them…
I’m going to take it as read that you understand that the world is , and has been for millennia, orchestrated and controlled by an inhuman and savage elite that think nothing of you, that care nothing for you, that only wish to continue and further their enslavement of you. They want you miserable. They want you poor. They want you ignorant.
And when they have no further use for you, or just feel like a blood fest is due to meet some weird anniversary or deadline only they understand, they want you dead.
They are in a family business, and that business is misery and their harvest is souls.
Why they do it , who knows?
Any investigative forensic accountant would have to draw these conclusions, weird as they seem:
It can’t be about power, they have it all. It can’t be about money. They have it all. It can’t be about control, that’s already in place. It’s about an undiluted evil with a motive that is beyond our understanding and comprehension in our current state of awareness.

I’m going to take it as read that you understand that they use us to do all of their dirty work. That they use our inventiveness, our cruelty, our sadism, our masochism, our effort, our fear, our self-love, our hatred, our need for approval, our worship of “deities”, our beliefs and allegiances, our greed, our sexual appetite, our brilliance. All of these things and more are bent to their will and serve their purpose. We are our own prison walls, are our own jailers, our own torturers, our own murderers. We pull the triggers. We press the buttons. We crush the skulls of babies. We rape their mothers. We brutalise and torture the innocent. We dress up in dynamite and destroy ourselves and our fellows in the market place. We dress in uniform and beat the protestor and jibe at the theorist.

We are the building blocks and cement of their entire wicked and hateful system of control. We are the labourers, building the very prison walls that hem us in.
We are our own worst enemy. We are the embodiment of their plans, the instruments of their evil.

I am going to take it as read that you understand these things.
They have us all categorised and they have us all controlled, each to perform our role in the nightmarish whole.
In simpler days, their control relied heavily on fear alone: “behave or I’ll chop off your head and kill your family, rape and murder your women folk, burn your house and crops, slaughter your livestock.”
After a while, they found that all that tiresome weapon wielding and torching could be done by us: “Hey you, if you love me and are loyal to me, kill, that family, burn their house, steal their stuff and I’ll let you rape their women and keep some of their property”. And so feudalism was born.
Later they invented money and its control: “Here’s two pennies. Kill all those people, take their country, bring me all their gold, enslave them for me. They’re inhuman savages anyway, not a decent person like you. If you are very good, I might also give you a worthless piece of tin and call it a medal, or a fancy but worthless uniform.”
This system has a logical outcome. As society and education progressed, humanity got cleverer and cleverer and our masters bent that cleverness to their own ends. We do it all in the service of our masters. Often the cleverest amongst are the most gullible, developing foul weapons and ingenious systems of murder and control for a pocket of worthless fiat money and a pat on the head and a smile from the elite.
Working for them, often unknowingly, often imagining we are working for our “God” or our “Nation” or for “The Benefit of Mankind” or whatever other false reality we had been sold, sometimes working for some of their money, sometimes working for a few grains off the vast heap of power that have at their table, we helped them develop their extraordinarily sophisticated and pervasive system of technological control.
Life now, under this cruel and inhuman micro-managed system of control, is deemed as acceptable by the ignorant and blind majority. It’s deemed as acceptable for a number of reasons, but the chief amongst them is that we are mind controlled. We are controlled and ordered such that we only feel safe within the walls of the prison we have built for ourselves under their wicked mastery. It’s not our fault!
And yet it is, and the remedy is only ours.
I’m going to take it as read that you’ve watched this: < http://wideeyecinema.com/?p=292 >.
This video, absolutely factual and well documented, relates the development of mind control up to the mid-sixties. Since then, of course, techniques have become far more developed, far more effective, far deeper buried a secret.
Understanding what was possible with mind control in the sixties, then imagining its development keeping pace with, say, computer technology, leads one to an inevitable conclusion: Our masters have a new way of making us behave and do their bidding. We can’t see it, we can’t taste it but its there all the same and is totally pervasive. Only by wresting control of ourselves and of our world, only by truth, forgiveness and reconciliation will we ever find how deep and cancerous their schemes have become, designed by our hands and minds.
You might recognise yourself in the following category-breakdown of “humanity” under the new system. I know I’m in there, and to my shame I’m not where I want to be:

“State of Unknowing Ignorance”
Eat the crap they give you to eat and like it. Watch the crap they give you to watch and like it. Believe. Hope. Take their drugs. Want their vaccines and “medicines”. Die as soon as you can, you are useless.

“State of Knowing Apathy”
Avoid eating the crap they give you to eat, avoid watching the crap they give you to watch. Feel a little superior, have a vague idea what’s going on in the world. Decide you can’t be bothered and that life’s too short.
And of course it is.

“State of Enquiring Apathy”
Become interested in finding out what the truth is and in fact find some things out, but never let on to your friends, carry on following orders, keep your head down, do nothing about anything, make fun of people that dare to put their head over the parapet. Occasionally beat them if so ordered.

“State of Controlling Violence”
Sell out to the system or be in a state of unknowing ignorance, then:
Enter a profession or calling that allows you to make up for your inadequacies and inner fears by brutalising others. Be a bully, a mugger, a violent thief, a bad policeman, a soldier, a hit-man, a rapist, sell hard drugs. Be the one that sits in an armchair and guides the drone on to the market place in Pakistan, then go home and cuddle your kids.

“State of Knowing Resignation”
Become fully aware, see the way the game is rigged, give up.

“State of Weary Revolution”
Become fully aware, try to change things, learn that people can’t be bothered to help you and that they don’t want to listen. Meet the sharp edge of the oppressive system (people in a “State of Controlled Violence”). Become weary of the whole thing. Give up on humanity. Almost certainly lose your job prospects, pension prospects, liberty and possibly your life.
Alternatively, start this journey, then jump ship to the “State of Knowing Complicity” because you “want a better life”. (Witness any former “rebel” now in Government. They and we know who they are).

“State of Knowing Complicity”
Become aware. Use the system to get rich or powerful. Allow yourself to give in totally to your baser and most animal instincts. From the kiddy fiddling priest or Rabbi, the nasty little copper, the greedy corporate slippery pole climber, the murdering thieving politician, the civil service clerk with the power of life or death, the whole spectrum of petty nastiness, sociopathy and psychopathy is catered for here. Prosecuting lawyers, ministers of state, bullying landlords, micro-biologists that develop illnesses or bury cures, physicists that develop weapons, the list goes on and on.
Here’s a whole nest of the true vipers of mankind, each in their way, great or small, adding to the mortar and brickwork of the prison planet and enjoying every minute of it. “Success and Kudos” is their drug of choice, and they’re hooked. They don’t give a shit for anyone else. They don’t care a hoot for the future.
These are the worst of the lying scum that the rest of humanity have to contend with.
There is one further state…

“State of Higher Humanity”
This one is difficult to imagine.
(That in itself is an incredible and revealing statement.)
It is difficult to imagine humanity breaking clear of the false reality that has been created for us and by us over Millennia. It is difficult to sift what is and isn’t good in a world where evil is good, where thought is crime, where we can’t see our enemies and where the word enemy is in itself an age old construct of the false reality.
In a world where all of us have been subjugated and manipulated for all of our lives, where everything that we believe in bears the stamp of the hidden and controlling hand, where none of us is free from the taint and stink that pervades the systems that control us, where almost none of us has ever met someone who embodies and lives in that state of higher humanity, of pure love, of forgiveness, of peace, of humility, of giving, of unstinting courage.
They are such a rare breed, and yet each one of us can become so, each one of us has to become so.
Without us discovering that state of higher humanity how can we ever end this shameful cycle of evil? Are we condemned to endure it until we destroy our mother earth and each other?
Therefore, difficult as it seems, impossible though it seems, we have each of us to become that higher human.
There is no worth or value in finding and following just one such, a “messiah”, because history tells us what evil can be brought from the worship of a higher soul, how the wicked amongst us delight in our childish willingness to bow before a messiah and use that naive obeisance to bring us again into the fold of evil.
We have each of us to find within ourselves that State of Higher Humanity, each of us to find truth, each of us to reach for the impossible, each of us to become a tiny part of the critical mass of humanity that says;

“Enough. It’s time to Start Again”