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by Olive Farmer – July 21, 2009


The spring sunshine breaking through the canopy…
The world is about to enter its third maelstrom of wickedness, man turned against man in the continuous cycle of manipulation. The impending Israeli attack will be the spark, the combatants are in place, awaiting their instructions from the criminally evil prevalent controllers. Forgive us, for we do not know what we do.
The intricate control system and web of deceit that governs most people’s reality is so pervasive, so embedded, so well oiled and well organised, so intricate in its attention to detail, so well argued for and defended by its witting and unwitting supporters, so audacious in its willingness to tell “the Big Lie”, reaches so far back into history and is often so well defended by law (especially the thought crime “hate laws”) and law enforcement that it is nigh on impossible to see through the charade, let alone learn to eradicate it from your personal belief system.
Reinforcing this false reality projection are the modern weapons of mind control so unavoidable in Western societies, especially the UK and the USA. From roadside billboards to corporate logos, from the mainstream press to the controlled televisual media, from Hollywood films to the “national lotteries” of forlorn hope, the onslaught is relentless. From lying politicians, from statute legislation piled upon statute legislation, from tiers of government upon tiers of government, from the inordinate system of checks and regulations, fines and punishments, forms and more forms, from cameras watching your every move, police denying the right to free speech, the list is endless of those systematic controls that shape our daily lives, those petty regulations that ever increase our sense of powerlessness incrementally and for many imperceptibly.
Layers of lies upon lies, wrapped in falsehoods, intertwined with deceptions, condition us from the cradle to the grave. Our parents have likewise been conditioned, and theirs before them, and so on back as far as it is possible to perceive. Each generation passes the virus to the next; a controlled, concocted and fictitious reality that expresses itself in learned behaviours and automatic responses, refined in the playground, honed in the university of life, polished by the experience of interaction and, except for the lucky few, ending bitterly muttering gibberish whilst urinating into a chair, out of sight and out of mind.
I don’t believe mankind is like this. I don’t believe that this is the best humanity can do. I don’t believe, not for one moment, that left to our own devices we couldn’t do a much better job.
I remember so well my infant children, wide eyed and innocent, full of joy and laughter, unspoilt spirits setting out on the journey of life. I remember too how we tried to shield them from the intricate maze of falsehood, to raise them in a cocoon of truth, to teach them perception and the necessity to question things.
Children laugh on average 400 times per day.
Adults manage 15 laughs.
Somewhere, somewhere in the process of growing up, we lose 385 laughs a day. A baby, unsullied by the matrix, is a thing so full of love, so full of trust, so full of fun and joy, a pure spirit, the spirit of humanity that should be carried forward into adulthood.
It never is.
Most people will say that such a fanciful notion is impossible, that the world will always rob a child of its innocence, that other people will teach the child shocking lessons in reality and those shocking lessons will continue throughout its life, for this, they say, is human nature.
And of course it is.
It’s the human nature that the matrix chooses to condition us to believe in, and orchestrates events and circumstances such that the reality is that human nature is so, is a foul and noxious parody of our true selves, a heinous and wicked simulacrum. We have been duped into existing in some crazed and ludicrous prison of violence and fear and oppression. We are the mad dogs of war, the prison guards, the street corner bully, the greedy, the vicious, the thieving, the ungenerous, the petty and small minded. We all of us are party to it, great or small, some struggling to get out, to find their humanity, most sinking themselves into the sticky subhuman morass like a drowning man plunged into quicksand or a tar pit.
Think of some of the oddities of our current humanity.
Hundreds of thousands of our finest minds are employed to find better ways to kill our fellow man.
Millions of us are engaged as murdering machines in the armed forces of the world.
We let millions starve.
We let our societies become unsafe places to live and raise children.
We allow thieves, liars , bullies and murderers to lead us.
We allow greed and selfishness to govern every area of our lives.
We have allowed ourselves to sink into an abyss of artificial debt, owing money created out of thin air by usurers both personally and through our governments which we have allowed to become puppets of an evil force.
We allow killer diseases to multiply when we could cure them.
We create killer diseases and spread them.
We are our own four horsemen; pestilence, famine, war and death are our own instruments and we have allowed those that build the false reality to sell us the idea that it’s our fault, that the laughing and joy filled baby would naturally grow into the whore of fear and death.
The system that seems so powerful is not so. It is weak because it is so enormous and so intricate and so very ancient. The system is weak because it takes so many of us to maintain it. When this thing began , this control of our very humanity, millennia ago the tools of control were simple, like a rock dropped into a stream to block its flow and alter its course.
Now it is a great towering edifice, an enormous and complex dam, designed to hold back an enormous quantity of water. The pressures are enormous. The engineering complex.
All it will take is a crack ,and the whole damnable edifice of deceit will collapse and the water will wash over the world in a great turmoil, then settle and level out. That crack is already there, tiny at present but spreading inexorably.
It’s called the truth.
And the truth will set us free.