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Cover   Peak Oil 101 - An Urgent Issue For New Zealand is a magazine jammed packed with a wealth of information, complied into one concise hard copy for both the novice and the expert. It is undateable information that will stand the test of time. This is not a throw away magazine but a reference manual to the coming crisis affecting all of us, enabling you to be informed enough to understand the shifting landscape and giving you the gift of fore knowledge so that you can plan your future accordingly.
To order copies: jenese@xtra.co.nz.


Peak Oil 101 - An urgent issue for New Zealand is a magazine compiled from leading authors and commentators around the web such as Colin Campbell, ASPO founder Professor Kjell Aleklett, Mathew Simmons and Michael Klare and others. This magazine deals with the fundamentals of what peak oil is and shows, in no uncertain terms, our declining energy resource, how this is changing the geopolitical landscape, and in turn, how this is effecting our world, and what will mean to us here in New Zealand.

The first section deals with peak oil… what is it. Colin Campbell and the others deal with this taking the novice and expert alike, through a series of well researched articles that will educate and inform on the seriousness of the challenges ahead.

The second section deals with what Peak Oil means globally. This is covered by Michael Renner of the World watch Institute who shows us how oil has always underpinned wars and bloodshed around the globe in his article “Fuelling Conflict”, followed by an extract from Linda McQuaig’s book, “It’s The Crude Dude” which reveals graphically that the Invasion of Iraq is for oil.

The third section is… how will this affect us here in NZ? Do we have a plan B? Political parties where asked to respond to the question of peak oil, although only 4 bothered to reply, their replies reveal who is and isn’t aware of this looming event. This is followed by a series of articles written by New Zealanders for new Zealanders.

The fourth and final section deals with what you can do, giving you contacts to main centre Peak Oil groups so that the reader can connect with others of like mind. along with suggestions and ideas sourced from all over the world as to what you as an individual can do.

To order copies: jenese@xtra.co.nz.