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by Robert Atack


Thank you.

I would like to say thank you to the 600 plus people who voted for me, and I would like to assure you that your vote of confidence in me will not be a wasted vote, I feel morally obliged to continue me efforts to wake up this community to the real issues we all face, and look upon this battalion of people as supporters for my message.

I think most of you voted with a conscience and out of serious concern for our children and not for short term gains at long term costs, and I also thank you for this unselfish act. Your votes have inspired me.

We have been blessed with some very aware new councillors and their actions going forward should indicate that our concerns will be taken with the seriousness they deserve. This new improved and community focused council are the most educated group of councillors in New Zealand with regard to Peak Oil and Abrupt Climate Change. Our new mayor has received a lot of information about these issues, and as Jenny professes to be on the side of the planet and future generations, I look forward to a mindset change within the council, with more focus on community gardens and community help groups such as the green gardener.

I think the first sign that this council are concerned and have listened, will be when the contract to clear fell the 18 hectors of trees for the link road is revoked, at least until there is more public consultation and education as to whether we even need the link road or the big box development at the airport (these two projects are very interlinked).

So congratulations to all the new members of our council, I for one hope they will act with this community and future generations best interests at heart, as opposed to the developer friendly crowed quite plainly given the bums rush by the electorate.

Robert Atack
The Oil Crash Group