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by Robert Atack


Prominent people and Organisations who have received copies of “The End of Suburbia” (EoS) and other peak oil information.

John Tamihere  

Rang a member of PowerLess New Zealand on or about the 31st of August, to arrange a meeting for the 14th of September at the Beehive. I duly sent him a copy of the documentary “The End of Suburbia” (http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/suburbia.htm) on DVD and about 6 hours of audio interviews on CD, including:

  1. Colin Campbell — The founder of ASPO “Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas” (http://www.peakoil.net);
  2. Mike Ruppert — Author and owner of the website http://www.fromthewilderness.com/index.html;
  3. Richard Heinberg — Author of “The Party’s Over” (http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/party.htm);
  4. Matt Savinar JD — Author and owner of http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/Index.html;
  5. Julian Darley’s “Letter from Earth” lecture, available from http://www.globalpublicmedia.com.

I also sent him a copy of Matts book “The Oil Age is Over”, only 126 pages (http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/age_over.htm). Due to the pristine condition on return, it was obvious none of the information had been listened to, read, or watched. Also the meeting was cancelled.

Trevor Mallard   I have re-sent the above information to the new minister of energy. The last time Trevor and I spoke (Christmas 2001) he threatened legal action if I was to place any more peak oil information in his home letter box, I hope posting this stuff to him in Parliament is ok? But more importantly I hope he treats this information with the time and respect it deserves or at least gets one of his minnows to read it.
All 120 MPs from the 1999-2002 Parliament   Had 5 copies each of http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/running.htm sent to them in 2001.
Heather Roy   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 19/6/04 but returned as didn’t want to pay for it, once it was accepted it was a gift, she kept the DVD, after I re-sent it.
Debora Coddington   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 19/6/04.
Muriel Newman   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 19/6/04.
Kathryn Rich   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 19/6/04.
Sue Kedgley   Purchased video of “The End of Suburbia” on 8/8/04 but, with Sue’s brilliant campaigns against strawberry sprays and lipstick, for the sake of credibility I am happy she has said nothing about peak oil.
Michael Cullen   Has received about 10 faxes and maybe 10 emails all with the words peak oil mentioned several times in each from Robert Atack, and much more information from several other people.
Jeanette Fitzsimmons MP   Attended 2 hour meeting with Bruce Thompson on 11 March 2004.
Rod Donald MP   Ditto.
Mike Ward MP   Ditto.
Mike has also had a half hour meeting with a group of peak oil experts at his Nelson electorate office in 2003.
Pete Hodgson   Has had about the most information sent to him from many different people, but stands firmly behind the IEA (International Energy Agency)
Steve Maharey   Had a half hour “one on one” with Bruce Thompson in 2001-2002 at Steve’s electorate office in Palmerston North.
Bill English   I handed Bill a folder full of peak oil information at a public meeting in Waikanae when he was a someone (leader of the opposition).
Nandor Tanczos   In 2001 I handed Nandor several copies of http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/running.htm and on a separate occasion in 2004 a folder full of peak oil info.
Don Brash   Bruce Thompson and I had a meeting arranged with Don, he cancelled at the last moment and has not offered to meet again, but he agreed this needed looking into (8 months ago).
Helen Clark   I asked Helen about peak oil at a 2002 election campaign meeting, handed her a copy of http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/running.htm and asked her if she would arrange someone to talk to us… still waiting. Helen stands firmly behind the IEA.
Keith Lock   Has read (or has claimed to read) http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/running.htm and said it was a fair summary of the facts (2001). Asked again in September 04 why there is still nothing on the Green party website explaining peak oil, he ran away from the question.
Jeanette Fitzsimmons   Fitzsimons confirmed in an email that she thought peak oil would be 2005 (this was in 2000). Is very deluded about wind power as an answer to our problems, and thinks getting fish compost on to her farm doesn’t require oil to get there “food production will not fall with peak oil”. In February 2004 she admitted she had no control over the green party website, and didn’t even know what was on it, as she hadn’t visited it for a long time, but she did say telling people in small groups as she was doing was better than the website.
Gerry Brownlee   Thanked me for the information I sent him in 2002, he was taking the next few weeks to look over it!
Gordon Copeland   United Future MP received a large amount of peak oil information, when I handed him a folder early in 2004, I have also dropped off information to their head office in Wellington, and in December I gave them a copy each of “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor”.
Radio New Zealand
Radio New Zealand   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Chris Laidlaw   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Kim Hill   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Linda Clark   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
P. Cavanagh   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Geoff Robinson   (Returned after watching “The End of Suburbia” with an educated comment.)
Newstalk ZB
Newstalk ZB   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Kerry Woodham   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04. I have spoken to Kerry on the phone and via email, she has received both “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor”, I hope as she is such a nice person she will have the heart to go out of her way to understand what is coming, then join our education campaign December 04.
Paul Holmes   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Mayor Bob Harvy   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 20/6/04.
Roland Sapsford   (#11 on Green Party list 2002) attended meeting with Bruce Thompson 11/3/04, has also received copious amounts of peak oil information over the past 4 years.
Bruce Donaldson   (PA to Pete Hodgson) Bruce.Donaldson@parliament.govt.nz has received many emails and faxes to the point of banning me from sending him any more information.
New Zealand Automobile Association   Have chosen to ignore a large amount of information sent from several concerned members and also stand firmly behind the IEA.
Peter King   (Editor AA magazine) stands firmly behind IEA.
John Banks   (Auckland Mayor and x National MP, has read part of http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/running.htm on his radio talk back show, back in 2002.
Roger Kerr   Has had emails explaining peak oil and I have posted him several audio CDs, he has acknowledge receipt of this information. Poster “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor” on 8/1/2005.
Sir Michael Fowler   Posted End of Suburbia on 13/10/04.
Tim O’Brien   Made fully aware of End of Suburbia, may review it on National Radio 12/10/04. Tim has since reviewed “The End of Suburbia” on National Radio But as far as local politics go he has dropped off the face of the planet, at best he was a spoiler for the local Wellington elections… and now we get a new road.
Germana Nicklin   Senior Government advisor ‘customs’, received a copy of “The End of Suburbia” along with Matt’s book and several audio CDs and essays including Kevin’s letter to Helen Clark. In a phone conversation on the 16th October Germana made it VERY clear she did not want to receive this information or be mentioned on this website.
Andrew Coleman   National Manager customs, who is Germana’s superior, sent me a letter complaining at my placing of the above information in Germana’s letter box, he also made it clear he was aware of the information I had given Germana (what advice is he giving the government?).
New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS)   Posted “The End of Suburbia”, Matt’s book and several audio CDs on 19/10/04, I also spoke to someone on the phone on the 18/10/04, where I explained my concerns about law and order in a post peak New Zealand, I was thanked for raising this issue. They have since sent me a letter confirming receipt of the above information and asking to keep it for their library (ok by me).
Brian Sinclair   Bryan.Sinclair@parliament.govt.nz as an assistant to Don Brash, Bryan has been privy to a lot of peak oil information.
Tariana Turia   Co-Leader of the New Zealand Maori Party I handed Tariana a copy of “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor” in Waikanae in December 2004.
Trade Me   An online auction website similar to EBay, has banned me from promoting “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor”, even though I was paying all the fees for each contact and I had 15 very happy ‘customers’ I sense the hand of Gareth Morgan “We are a boutique investment management firm caring for individual client portfolios. Wealth protection and enhancement are our priorities.” [http://www.garethmorgan.com/default.asp] Reading that statement you could understand why he wouldn’t want his son (owner of Trade Me) promoting the truth.
New Zealand Police College Porirua   After 3 attempts I have been unsuccessful at getting information to the management and teachers — watch this space.
Wellington Central Police Station   Has had 2 copies of “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor” on DVD and I think one each on video sitting in the staff room since December 04, I hope that they have been taken home and handed around. We need an educated police force.
Police Commissioner Rob Robinson   I gave one of his sectaries “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor” on DVD, she promised to deliver them to him that afternoon. December 04.
TV3   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 23/6/04.
John Campbell   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 23/6/04.
Clint Brown   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 23/6/04.
Carol Hirshfeld   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 23/6/04.
Carolyn Robinson   Posted “The End of Suburbia” on 23/6/04.
Mike Valentine   Posted End of Suburbia and Matt’s book on 14/10/04.
Tim Shadboult   Posted him several audio CDs and essays; I received conformation of receipt via mail.
Some councillors and candidates who have watched or been sent
copies of “The End of Suburbia” and various other “bits” of information.
Kapiti Coast
Council Buildings   I left 2 copies of “The End of Suburbia” end “The Oil Factor” for all the staff at the council buildings in December 04.
Alan Milne   Has had a 30 minute discussion with Robert Atack in 2001.
Alan Tristran   Purchased Matt’s book http://www.oilcrash.com/articles/age_over.htm.
Ann Chapman   Has received several emails explaining peak oil (confirmed in a phone call).
Cathy Strong   Loaned a video copy of “The End of Suburbia” on 2/10/04. Most of her family have now watched it.
Lower Hutt
Ray Wallace   (Deputy mayor) attended my first public talk at the Wainuiomata Rotary club in 2002 and has borrowed Matt’s book, his radio interview, “The End of Suburbia” and another couple of interviews on audio CD.
The councillors below had copies of “The End of Suburbia” posted to them in August 2004:
  • Mayor John Terris
  • John Austad
  • Glenda Barratt
  • Scott Dalziell
  • Roger Styles
  • Joy Baird
  • Ross Jamieson
  • Julie Englebretsen
  • Angus Finlayson
  • Julie Sylvester
  • Ray Wallace
  • Margaret Cousins
Upper Hutt
Copies sent out in September:
  • Wayne Guppy
  • Shirley Harris
  • Keith Barnard
  • Pat Christianson
  • Noeline Gillies
  • Peter McCardle
  • Heather Newell
  • Howard Phillps
  • Chris Tchernegovski
  • Nick Thomas
  • Barry Tims
Celia Wade-Brown   Watched The End of Suburbia at the Paramount Cinema on the 8/8/04.
Paul Bruce   Organised the screening of “The End of Suburbia” at the Paramount, even though Paul is a member of the Green Party he has shown great courage in ignoring their desire to suppress this information.
Hayley Wain   Posted End of Suburbia 13/10/04.
Government Departments
Ministry of Economic Development   Handed to caroline.parlane@med.govt.nz (in early 2003) approximately 200 pages of information and about 10 hours of audio CDs, (along the same lines as what was returned by John Tamihere) all during a half hour interview. I gave a sectary “The End of Suburbia” and “The Oil Factor” in December 04 to take to Caroline.
Graham Durston   Works for the Ministry of Economic Development. He has received several essays as well as a copy of “The End of Suburbia”.
Ministry of Health   Does not know how much insulin New Zealand has in stock.

See also Kevin Moore’s efforts to inform.

If you have been trying to inform people about Peak Oil, and have a proven list of people you have tried to inform.
Please feel free to email me to discuss adding them to this website.