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by Derek J. Wilson, 13/01/2005

Dear Ed,

While in general I agree with Bill Aitchison (Letters, Jan 12) that the defacement of public and private property is not a sound way to express one’s views, the matter is not as simple as it appears.

Like many others. Aitchison sems to be in denial of the rapidly worsening global energy crisis. Does he believe Bush attacked Iraq simply to bring democracy to its people?

Let’s look at some hard facts. The world is currently burning four barrels of oil for every one discovered, yet global oil discovery peaked in the mid-1960s, while global oil production is predicted to peak around 2005-2007. Our world literally runs mainly on oil, but there are no combinations of energy sources within sight that will continue to support a small fraction of our Western pathological mania for growth and ever more consumption on a finite Earth with finite resources.

Space allows but three of the many authoritative warnings.

Dr Colin Campbell, former exploration geologist for Texaco and former executive vice-president of TotalFinaElf; 2003:“Peak oil is a turning point for mankind.”

Matthew Simmons, CEO of the world’s largest investment bank and energy adviser to George W Bush; 2003: “The situation is desperate. This is the world’s biggest question.”

Michael Meacher, former UK environment minister; 2004: “The implications [of a radically reduced oil supply on a modern economy or society] are mind-blowing.”

Are people who are doing everything to draw our attention to our dire position really ignorant and stupid Mr Aitchison? Do we just go ahead and commit collective suicide?

Derek Wilson