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On March 3 2008 I delivered 122 DVDs containing 16 YouTube clips and a 65 minute lecture by the late Dr Peter Lloyd called ‘Peak Oil Meets Climate Change’.

This DVD records crucial information about the key issues of our times and was delivered to all MPs, so that they cannot pretend at some later stage that they had no warning of what is on its way or lacked the necessary information to deal with it.

For the leaders of an industrial society to ensure that society enters the end of the age of oil (which peak oil portends) with no workable plan, thereby ensuring mass business failure, mass unemployment and potentially mass starvation, amounts to criminal negligence. For the leaders of a so-called democracy to continually mislead the general public about the devastating effects of climate change, and to continue to promote policies that make climate change worse is a crime against humanity. That is exactly what our political leaders have consistently done – ignored the warnings of numerous experts and put NZ on a path towards utter chaos.

Below is the contents of the DVD, please follow the links to YouTube, to see what every politician has had the opportunity to watch. They would even be getting paid to watch it!

I ended up with 13 letters and 2 emails confirming receipt of the DVDs I delivered to parliament.
Most just acknowledged that the DVD had been handed on to the minister, and I am sure if I had delivered 122 bags of dog shit, I would have had similar responses.

Some noteworthy replies are from:

Doug Woolerton, who gave the most honest reply; it is such a shame the leader of New Zealand First, Winston Peters, has his head so far up his own ego that he wouldn’t recognise an emergency if it hit him in the face, as witnessed by his inability to answer a simple question during the last NZ elections on peak oil. When he suggested I hold a meeting in the local telephone booth, for those that were interested in my question.

Winnie Laban, who seems to think nothing is her responsibility, which leaves the question – What the fuck is she doing in parliament? She offered to find some finical help for me in 2005 to get this information into schools… another line of bullshit?

Dr Wayne Mapp, of whom we wonder whether he received his doctorate at the same university as Doctor Goebbels, as Hitler would surely be proud of him, and his ‘propaganda’.

And Jim Anderton – one of the most untrustworthy, self-centred members we are unlucky enough to have in our government. Not only did he manipulate Helen Clark into a sham of a wedding, he has been driven by his own self-admiration, and if he was my farther I think I would have killed myself by now as well… another Goebbels? (I’ve been giving this clown peak oil information for over 7 years)

As for the Green Party – Yeah Right! What a sick joke on us all.



Me delivering the DVD on March 3rd 2008


Interesting Times
Peak Oil meets Climate Change

Dr Peter Lloyd [65 min]

A sought-after speaker on environmental issues throughout New Zealand, who worked hard to persuade people to adopt environmentally-friendly lives and prepare for a future with scarce supplies of oil. He spent 2 years researching and then giving this talk. This link is to part 1 of 7


People & Power – Peaked
06 Jan 08, Part 1 [10:22]

Is the world running out of oil? Max Keiser looks at the issue of peak oil and its consequences.


People & Power – Peaked
06 Jan 08, Part 2 [12:35]


Crude Realities

Discussing peak oil with Matthew Simmons, Chairman, Simmons & Co. International on CNBC


Peak Oil: Introduction and Sexy Hot Dancing
Oily Cassandra [3:58]

End of Cheap Oil. Spread The Word If You Like It!!! Nothing can replace oil on the SCALE we use it now.
Yeah, alternative fuels are awesome and will help a lot with global warming, but they won’t be able to replace the abundance of oil our society has come to depend on. Watch, then visit http://oilrelease.com for more info. Discuss this stuff!


Richard Heinberg Describes Peak Oil

From cavemen to Peak Oil, a brief history of our current state of energy affairs and the reality of Peak Oil – the fact that we as we extract more and more oil, there is less and less of it, yet our demand does not seem to decline. Hmm, problems? Richard Heinberg explains Peak Oil in detail with a sideshow!


Discussions about peak oil mitigation
Robert Hirsch, US Energy Department Consultant [7:00]

See the Hirsch Report: http://oilcrash.com/articles/hirsch.htm


Prepare for Post-Carbon 1st of 3

Interview with Dave Room – Global Public Media http://www.globalpublicmedia.com.


World map of Peak Oil Production

This animated map is an excerpt from a conference presentation by Randy Park. It shows the peaking of oil production (peak oil) for countries around the world. It also shows oil consumption.


A Post-Oil Man

Some folks think this guy is an idiot but he is preparing for life after the oil crash.


Peak Oil – How Will You Ride the Slide?

We’ve already burned through almost half the world’s supply of oil. How will we ride out the slide down the other side of Hubbert’s Curve? For more information, go to: http://www.energychallenge.tv/


The Middle East, & The Impending Oil Crisis

World oil discovery and production has peaked, our way of life is coming to an end if we do not solve the problem of our dependency on fossil fuels. Our civilization as we know it is at stake.


Peak Oil Survival: Survive The Long Emergency Energy Crisis

The end of the world as we know it is coming and it is closer than you think! When the demand for oil out paces the supply prices will spiral upward to new dizzying heights and our oil consuming civilization will come to a screeching halt. Will you survive the greatest catastrophe in human history?


Presentation on Transition Towns
Jo Duff, 1st of 4 [10:36]

Planning for a Low Energy Future Sustaining Hawkes Bay Trust 2007


Crude Impact: Proof of Peak Oil

A Link TV special: Oil expert Richard Heinberg explains the reasoning behind the theory of Peak Oil – the point in time when we will have used up exactly half of the earth’s oil, thus beginning an irreversible decline in supply – in a clip from the new film “Crude Impact.” Visit www.linktv.org


Burnout is insanity

Audio of Tower of Power (“Only so much oil in the ground”, 1974)

Welcome to ‘Kapiti The Nature Coast’ where on the 16th of January the Kapiti Coast District Council allowed this event to take place on council owned land.


Helen Clark «We are past peak oil production»

On 18-4-2006 Helen Clark the Prime Minister of New Zealand said in answer to a question regarding fuel prices being so high «I’m sure (the rise in oil prices) is causing concern in every country. Because everyone is on the receiving end of the same phenomenon. Which is oil prices very high, because WE’RE PROBABLY NOT TOO FAR SHORT OF PEAK PRODUCTION, IF NOT ALREADY THERE, and that concentrates the mind… [snip…]» yet her fool Minister of Energy David Parker came out a week later saying the world wouldn’t peak until 2030 – 37, we truly have idiots for leaders in New Zealand, and that goes for National as well, another bunch of con artists who think the Kiwi Saver is a good idea, while in the light of Helen’s peak oil statement we (those who can work it out) know there will not be an economy worth 2 cents soon enough.