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  New Zealand Guide to Surviving the Future   Kevin Moore  
  Peak Oil 101 – An Urgent Issue For New Zealand   ===  
  The End of the Oil Age   Dale Allen Pfeiffer  
  Powerdown   Richard Heinberg  
  Five Holocausts   Derek J. Wilson  
  The Party Is Over   Richard Heinberg  
  Burn baby, burn   Kevin Moore  
  High Noon for Natural Gas   Julian Darley  
  The Oil Age Is Over   Matt Savinar  
  Over a Barrel   Tom Mast  
  Oil, Jihad and Destiny   Ronald R. Cooke  
  Detensive Nation – From Regulation To Leadership   Ronald R. Cooke  
  Healthy Money, Healthy Planet   Deirdre Kent  
  Interesting Times   Dr Peter Lloyd  
  The End of Suburbia   Electric Wallpaper  
  OilCrash   Lava Productions AG  
  The Oil Factor Behind The War On Terror   Free-Will Productions  
  Arlington West   Peter Dudar & Sally Marr  
  Peak Oil Imposed By Nature   Tropos Dokumentar  
  Fuelling the Future   ===  
  What A Way To Go – Life At The End Of Empire   VisionQuest Pictures  
  YouTube   ===
  History of Oil   Robert Newman  
  John Howe’s free booklet   John Howe  
  Petrocide Tee Shirts   Anne FitzSimon