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It seems the Green Party has given us a 5 year anniversary present.
After 5 years of asking Jeanette Fitzsimons to place a link to peak oil on the Green Party website, it has finally happened.


Jeanette said recently that peak oil will be within 10 years, yet a website linked from the Green Party’s site says peak oil could be anytime from now to 2008? And she emailed me in March 2000 saying that Shell thought it would be 2005 -2010 (then they down sized their reserves in 2004).

So even thought ‘now to 3 years’ is within 10 years wouldn’t it have been just a bit more truthful to have bought that 10 year date closer?

It appears the Green Party are for making capital (votes) out of this disaster, in the guise of appearing to now be the peak oil party along with their buddies the Labour Party, who are still saying 2037 for peak. Has no one heard of The Precautionary Principle?

I suggest if you are thinking of voting for these myopic fools, that you buy a ticket to the Webber Brothers Circus instead. You will get a lot less clowns, but at least they will treat you with some respect and a lot more honesty.

This page stands as an eulogy to the spirit of Green Parties world wide whose original ideas have died a silent death, as the lure of money and power have robbed us and our children of any chance of a future.

This page in now closed and will be treated as an archive.

Robert Atack

The Meeting

A meeting was held on 11 March 2004, between 8.45am to 11am, at Parliament, 13th floor, Bowen House, Wellington.


The above Green Party members had a 2 hour meeting with Bruce Thompson, who explained the repercussions of peak oil.

«Rod Donald seemed fully convinced that getting the message out was desirable, Jeanette Fitzsimmons had also seemed very determined to go public.»

Bruce Thompson, 18/03/04

It is now 5 weeks since the meeting and still no link or information on the Green Party website?


Emails received by Robert Atack from the co leader of the New Zealand Green party


Also from Roland Sapsford research coordinator and number 11 on the green party list 2002.

The Green Party are now trying to suppress this information.
In as much as they have stopped a free information “tent” from being set up at this venue http://www.organics.4t.com/index.htm.
And they profess free speech and open Government, yeah right!
6th of January 2004

Jeanette Fitzsimons

Jeanette Fitzsimons

----- Original Message -----
From: Jeanette Fitzsimons <Jeanette.Fitzsimons@parliament.govt.nz>
To: 'egor' <peterpan@paradise.net.nz>
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 2:29 AM
Subject: RE:

Well, I don’t get to read many of my e-mails (857 unread at the moment) but I did happen to see yours.

You’re quite right. Shell Oil International is working on the assumption that between 2005 and 2010 world oil demand will outstrip the capacity of the wells to supply.
Then the price will really go up. So get your bike out! Earth matters is a good name - must keep it in mind. Thanks for writing.

Several Questions for you Jeanette:

Q1. Could you please tell us how we are going to get the food we will need, to have the physical energy to ride our bikes? [70% of world food dependent on fossil fuel]
Q2. Could you please tell us how we are going to keep our bikes, when fossil fuel dependent law and order is a thing of the past?
Q3. Could you please tell us how we are going to maintain and service our bikes, when that's dependant on cheap oil based shipping and manufacturing off shore? Where are the local bike manufacturers that could help us? (They've all been dismantled and moved off shore!)
Q4. Why aren’t you telling the rest of the green party membership? [Instead of keeping it “in house”]
Q5. Why is there nothing about the coming “Mother Of All Oil Crises” (MOAOC) on the NZ Greens website or printed literature?
Q6. Could you please tell me how all our cycling tourists are going to get to New Zealand or return home overseas, as tourism is now so important to our economy?
Q7. Is the reason you have not made your knowledge of the oil peak more widely known fear of electoral repercussions?
Q8. Are you more concerned with future votes than future children?
Q9. Why have a Green Party? if you people will not take the lead on bringing these matters into the public arena?
Q10. Is the Green Party in the political arena for any reason other than to increase its number of MPs? As it appears you have been very successful, your silence over the past 3 years+ has netted you 2 more MP’s

Jeanette you must realize this situation is imminent , as we are only 18 months away from 2005 (beginning of last 5 years of peak oil, or first 5 years of decline), and Natural Gas in North America is likely to start collapsing in the next 6 to 12 months (“the canary down the mine”) [Sunday 25 May 2003]

In this 8 page speech Jeanette Fitzsimons did not mention anything about 2005-2010 being the date "oil demand will outstrip the capacity of the wells to supply" but she did say the number of cars in Auckland could double by 2050 [45 years after over pump]

Address to second annual Land Transport Summit
Jeanette Fitzsimons MP, Green Party Co-leader
Waipuna Hotel, Auckland, 26th February 2002

This is part of a speech Jeanette gave in the New Zealand Government’s debating chamber on 6th November 2003:

«All major oil companies now recognise that world oil production has peaked or is close to peaking. Estimates of when the decline begins — and that is when price begins to rise steeply - vary from 5 to 20 years. What we do know is that we are currently finding 1 barrel of oil for every four we burn. That is, of course, why the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and may well continue to invade middle eastern countries where most of the remaining oil is — hopefully without Nz support.

The era of cheap oil has made it possible for a short moment in history for each individual in a few rich countries to carry a tonne of metal with them whenever they move. It was never logical and it will not be possible for much longer. Cars will remain a big part of the transport scene for a long time yet but we must start to use them more sensibly and develop the alternatives or face a future where we can no longer move around.»

Jeanette Fitzsimons


Now we have the co-leader of the Labour left wing admitting we are at or near peak oil (this after 4 years of me asking these questions). So why aren’t we seeing a prominent link (or any at all) from the Green Party’s website to any of at least 50 sites that highlight peak oil? We have to face the humongous problems we are all going to have with the coming of peak oil.

  1. Food shortages (soup kitchens if we are lucky)
  2. Heating (power too expensive/brown outs see New York, Italy, Californian)
  3. Massive Unemployment (bankrupt Govt, no dole, etc) And we will look back on those yet to come days and think we were lucky then…

We need to address the population situation. Why aren’t the green party kicking up stink about the 40,000 annual immigrants we are seeing swamping this country? Adding to the 30,000 or so births and returning Kiwis That is the infrastructure of Auckland we have to build in the next 15 years.

«It is incumbent on us here today to so act throughout our lives as to leave our children a heritage for which we will receive their blessings and not their curses.»

Theodore Roosevelt
July 1886

Roland Sapsford

Roland Sapsford

From: Roland Sapsford mob 021 651 105 <roland.sapsford@parliament.govt.nz>
To: <peterpan@xtra.co.nz>
Cc: Peter Davis <peter.davis@parliament.govt.nz>
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 9:46 AM
Subject: Oil and all that

Hi Robert

Thanks for your emails about oil. We certainly agree it’s a critical problem and it motivates a large amount of our work on energy, especially the need to reduce car dependence. I've personally been aware of this analysis since it was first “leaked” three or more years ago. I would be happy to discuss this further with you when we both have time. Is there an email discussion group or website that deals with this?

Roland Sapsford
Research Coordinator
Green Party

Roland is part of the protest movement against the Wellington Motorway.
But he has failed to mention the cost and availability of oil with regard to future of roading in New Zealand

«I have a strong sense of connection and commitment to the local Aro Valley community, where I've lived for 12 years. My first real taste of activism was campaigning (aged 15) against the National Development Act. For the last ten years I’ve played a leading role in the campaign to save Wellington’s historic Te Aro community from a motorway. Along the way I am proud to have helped mentor and encourage other local and national activist groups.»

Roland Sapsford

Keith Lock

Keith Lock

And in a phone call with Keith Lock Green MP in 2001

After stating that he had read www.runningonempty.org Keith was interviewed on National Radio regarding urban sprawl and public transport and again did not mention anything about the supply and cost of oil?
In another phone call with me he confirmed he should have said something regarding oil but “I wasn’t prepared for the interview” ho hum

Nandor Tanczos

Nandor Tanczos

Now we have this green politician, [the guy with the octopus on his head] proudly telling New Zealand, he has fathered a child! [in September 2002] after being given several copies of “The Oil Crash And You” and several referrals to www.dieoff.org?
How does he think his child will live past 30? That is the question?
Why is a political party that knows about the coming oil crash and the repercussions of overpopulation encouraging more children?
It is very easy children equal overpopulation.

See www.vhemt.org
See www.greens.org.nz

«We are the guardians of the earth for our children. They are our future, so we must give them the best possible start to life.
Each child should have the opportunity to grow with joy, be fully supported by their family and be an integral part of our society. Each child deserves a secure base from which they can express their creativity and discover life as an adventure.»

Could the Green Party please tell us at what age do we stop worrying about children and their future, because after reading all the facts contained on oilcrash.com you will understand that most children born today face a dark future, albeit extremely short, “life as an adventure” would be an understatement.

Caroline Greig

Caroline Greig
wk 04 905 1815
hm 04 905 1815
mob 021 546 815
Candidate for Otaki

«I have been passionate about environmental sustainability and equitable society for as long as I can remember and I feel that this is the way that I can most effectively contribute to the safe future of our country.»

Political Background
Member of the Green Party for over two years; currently spokesperson/convenor for the Otaki Electorate; and Policy Networker for Central Province.

Caroline has complained to the police about Robert Atack attaching www.dieoff.org signes to their billboards in the 2002 election campaign.
Also she called me an “environmental extremist” in the Liven Chronicle 10/7/02.
I truly thought the green party were meant to be for the environment?
I guess if I had been digging up GE potatoes it would have been ok

Mike Ward

Mike Ward

Political Statement
«My lifestyle and my political activism is motivated by a commitment to making life good again, not just for my community and my family but for my grandchildren and for all of the other communities and species on whose survival our survival depends.»

This is a reply from Mike Ward after reading the information contained on this website:

Dear Robert

Thank you for your letter received 6 Nov.
Mike has read it and makes the following comments:

«Things are indeed looking bleak, but doing nothing is not an option I find attractive. We do not have to wait for government or community approval before we begin to live within the capacity of the planet to sustain.»

Kind regards from Mike

Alison Arron
Out of Parliament Secretary for Mike Ward
284 Trafalgar Street
Phone: 03 545 9284

So Mike,
Do you think encouraging more children is going to help us “
live within the capacity of the planet to sustain.
My question to you is [if you think doing nothing is wrong]: “Why are you a member of the green party as their inaction is leading us nowhere?”

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jeanette Fitzsimons" <Jeanette.Fitzsimons@p...>
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 4:01 PM
Subject: Oil gusher will turn into a trickle, warns Fitzsimons
(Green Party media release)

Oil gusher will turn into a trickle, warns Fitzsimons

Government planners are blithely ignoring the fact that the world’s oil demand will very soon exceed supply, Green Co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons warned today.

Ms Fitzsimons told an energy workshop in the Growing our Future forum in Masterton today that all the economic planning work being carried out by the Government is falsely premised on oil supplies being available in the future at approximately the same quantity and cost as at present.

“Most international oil industry analysts expect oil production to peak some time in the next 15 years,” said Ms Fitzsimons. “Yet the Ministry for Economic Development is still predicting that the price per barrel in 2020 will be less than it is now.”

“This head-in-the-sand approach to energy planning is entirely consistent with official New Zealand Government attitudes to the depletion of Maui gas. Even though the Maui field was always expected to run out by 2008 there has never been any strategy to replace it.”

“We won’t know the date that oil production peaked and started to decline until we have passed it, but this is the date prices will begin a long-term, irreversible rise.”

“It may be happening already. Current crude oil prices quoted in the Financial Times for 21 November range from US$28.77 to US$32.89 a barrel. All four prices quoted are already higher than the ‘projections’ for 2020 published just last month by the MED.”

“The sad fact is that the world currently burns four barrels of oil for every new barrel we discover.”

Ms Fitzsimons called on Government analysts and planners to acknowledge that there is just not enough oil left at an affordable price to fuel New Zealand’s future.

“There are alternatives,” said Ms Fitzsimons. “We should promote fuel efficiency for vehicles, fund the development of renewable bio-fuels, shift freight off the road and onto energy efficient rail where possible, plan more efficient cities with shorter commuting distances and stop planning to use oil as a backstop for future electricity generation.”

Jeanette Fitzsimons, MP: 0274 586 068
Allen Walley, Media Co-ordinator: (04) 470 6679 or 021 721 215

Very good Jeanette now could we have the truth about “alternative” forms of energy.
They are totally inadequate as a replacement for fossil fuels, take years more than we have to get them up and running and take a lot of fossil fuel to build.
If it wasn’t for the subsidies the govt is throwing at the wind farms they would be an economic loss as well as a wast of energy to build. Bio fuels take more land than we have.

How many green party members have spent money/time on something that is dependent on a long term cheep supply of OIL?
Like tourism or organic farms located were only trucks can travel.
It you had known 5 years ago what could you have done?
You can blame the Green Party or thank them, for your extra years of ignorant bliss, or that child you hold in your arms.

“The little children will suffer”
Alas so will we all.